About Us

What We Do

Tri-County Homecare is dedicated to the provision of individualized, comprehensive, quality, patient and family-centered care in the patient’s home. We commit ourselves to enhancing the quality of life by promoting and restoring health, alleviating suffering and caring for the sick in a manner that ensures dignity and respect for each person.

Our Vision

The company’s vision is embedded in three core principles: commitment, consistency, and competency.Tri-County Home Care is steadfast committed to providing high-quality care to its patience and their families that not only addresses the immediate healthcare needs but enhances the quality of life and ensures the highest level of independence in the comfort and familiarity of their individual home environment. Our companies core belief is that “One Size Does Not Fit All”

Our Guiding Principles

– Caring for those who you care for the most
– Philosophy grounded in respect and compassion for human dignity and life
– Continuous education and ongoing internal training for all team members
– Sensitivity, inclusion, recognition, respect & due regard for the diverse cultures that we serve

What to Expect from Team Tri-County

– Helps families to better cope with the needs of the patient/client through counseling, educating and coordination of community services
– Assist patient/client to achieve maximum functional ability
– Quality, reliability, consistency, discrete & eloquent ‘Human to Human Care’
– Multilingual staff
– Provides patient/client and family instruction in the fundamentals of health, hygiene, safety, as well as preventative, control and treatment/management of health and wellness issues
– Helps to maintain patient functions appropriate to individual capabilities, lifestyle, and stage of life.

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