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We assist you in scheduled therapy for muscle & skeletal, and quality of life improvement both at home and with doctor

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Tri-County Homecare Therapy services are provided by a licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists who assists patients in recovering, restoring and maintaining minimum strength, endurance, fine motor skills, and musculoskeletal abilities. We rehabilitate patients to maximum strength and mobility potentials.

Therapy Services for:

▪ Decreased ability to move about or come to a sitting position in bed

▪ Decreased ability to transfer their weight

▪ Impaired balance and coordination

▪ Decreased gait ability or require special devices

▪ Functional loss of range of motion or strength in arms or legs;

▪ Therapeutic intervention for pain;

▪ Assistance with speech and swallowing difficulties

▪ Adaptations in the home for safety

▪ Improving participation in activities of daily living

Joint Commission Accredited

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