Tri-County Home Care of Florida is committed to serving our clients according to the highest professional, ethical, and safety standards. This commitment is expressed in the conscientious way we comply with every law, regulation, and standard governing our work.

Our Compliance Program, along with numerous policies and procedures, are designed to help everyone at Tri-County Home Care of Florida uphold their personal responsibility to clients, employees, payors, and all who govern our work.

Client Rights And Employee Responsibilities
We respect client rights and the confidentiality of their personal health information.  Our Privacy Policy describes client rights and how to report any concerns or issues regarding our services.

Employees are expected to act in accordance with the laws, regulations, and standards that govern our work. Employees are expected to promptly report any situation or activity that may violate the law to an immediate supervisor. Employees are expected to help detect and deter any compliance violations by Tri-County Home Care of Florida employees or subcontractors that could potentially infringe on client rights and expose the company to civil or criminal liability and damage its reputation, client and business relationships, or financial status.

Compliance Contact Information
Clients who have questions about a particular policy, practice, or procedure should contact the main office for clarification.

Employees should contact their supervisors for clarification on policies, practices, or procedures. Listening closely and responding to client and family needs is at the heart of our work. No one should hesitate to contact their service office with any concerns. Once a report is received, we will take responsible steps to respond in a timely and appropriate way.