Home health social workers are integral to healthcare, especially if challenges are hindering your independence at home.

Collaborating with nurses, home health aides, and other team members, the home care social worker assists you in navigating the healthcare system and ensures your needs are addressed.

For eligible patients, medical social services are generally covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and many major insurance plans.

Medical Social Services

Medical social workers, skilled and licensed professionals, act as problem solvers for our patients, promptly identifying health-related issues and proposing effective solutions.

They offer emotional support, advocacy, and resources to patients coping with chronic diseases or recovering from surgery, illness, or injury. Their valuable guidance helps navigate the complexities of managing an illness or injury, addressing social, financial, and psychological aspects of recovery.

Our experienced medical social workers provide administrative support for seniors, disabled individuals, and those medically fragile. We also extend emotional support to family members navigating through a health crisis.

Do you qualify for Medicare-Certified Home Health?

To qualify for Medicare-certified home health, you must need skilled care (as certified by your physician) and such care needs must be on an intermittent basis. Intermittent means you need care at least once every 60 days and at most once a day for up to three weeks. This period can be longer if you need more care, but your care needs must be predictable and finite.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your care needs or eligibility, please give us a call at 1.954.923.0695.