Doing A Great Job really Matters To Us!

Our mission is to deliver the best in-home care experience to our patients and their families by merging clinical excellence with compassion and consistency. We are pleased and proud to say that we do that every day with each patient and family we serve.

Tri-County Home Care of Florida provides a broad array of in-home care services communities throughout South Florida, promoting the overarching principle that patients feel and do better while receiving the care they need in the best place for them — home.

Our patients are wonderfully diverse with a variety of medical and personal needs. It makes our day when a patient or family member reaches out to tell us how well we have done.

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How did we do?

We are pleased to have provided you or your loved one with our in-home care services. If you haven’t yet done so, kindly leave us a review.

To ensure that this is a legitimate review, we must ask certain questions to verify that we have, indeed, provided you and/or your loved one with our services. Thank you.

For Verification Purposes
For Verification Purposes
For Verification Purposes

Due to the nature of our business and HIPAA guidelines, we will never use the patient’s name and/or condition, unless you have expressly given us permission to do so. 

Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, patients have the right to request details of their illnesses are withheld from some or all third parties. These third parties can include friends, family members and members of the clergy.

Even when consent is given, health care workers – wherever they are located – will not disclose more than the minimum necessary Protected Health Information (PHI) to third parties.

Individuals in our care expect us to maintain the confidentiality and security of all their Protected Health Information.

Tri-County Home Care of Florida does not use, disclose, or discuss client-specific information with others unless the client authorizes the release of his or her information, or we are required or authorized by law to release the information.

We maintain the confidentiality of client medical information and uses appropriate security measures to protect this information, including information contained in client charts.