Looking to make a difference? Join our team committed to providing exceptional in-home health care for everyone. We value a skilled and dedicated professional team to ensure the best in-home health experience.

Work With Us

At Tri-County Home Care of Florida, we value our team members not only for their caregiving expertise but also for their wealth of experience, compassion, and reliability.

These qualities form the foundation upon which our patients depend. With steadfast passion, patience, and empathy, our team provides exceptional care that distinguishes us from others in the field.

Caregivers Are Our Greatest Assets

We set high standards for our caregivers to meet our clients’ expectations. Through strict hiring and screening processes, we ensure we have the best professionals. We interview caregivers in person, assessing their strengths, expertise, work history, and career goals. After hiring, caregivers go through thorough orientation and ongoing training.

We match clients and families with the ideal caregiver based on assessed skills and traits, building a strong long-term relationship. If your assigned caregiver can’t make an appointment, another reliable professional will step in. You and your loved ones will never be without care.

Caregiver Requirements

Our caregivers must meet the following requirements before being hired:

  • Six months to one year of practical experience (depending on the position)
  • Excellent professional references
  • Criminal background check
  • Clear driving record and reliable transportation
  • Competency testing
  • Certification and/or license verification
  • Clinical orientation

We take pride in our success in home care, and this pride is rooted in our dedicated team. We are actively seeking individuals who are compassionate and eager to make a positive impact on others’ lives. We value those who uphold high standards of care and are committed to integrity, quality, and reliability. At Tri-County Home Care of Florida, our team members are not just caregivers; they are the dependable individuals our patients rely on.

We’re looking for candidates with integrity, resilience, tolerance, and honesty. Our work is both demanding and personal, requiring trust-building with clients and their families. We need individuals who are tireless, adaptable, passionate, patient, and caring, willing to work hard for our team and clients. If this describes you, consider joining our team dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those facing challenges due to illness, age, or injury.

Some days, you’ll offer support, and on others, you’ll help clients regain independence. Every day, you’ll be a positive force for our clients and their families, making your work incredibly rewarding. At Tri-County Home Care of Florida, you’ll have the opportunity to care for patients at home, making a meaningful impact on lives daily. Behind every door, you’ll find courage and commitment that will inspire you to go beyond your expectations.

Competitive Pay
We value our caregivers and offer a competitive wage and employment package. 

Supportive Workplace
Feel comfortable among professionals who enjoy working together and helping each other.

Flexible Hours & Location
Choose when and where you want to work. We will work with you to identify the schedule that fits your needs.

Continual training to develop and magnify your skills to ensure you get all the tools you need to succeed. 

Qualified Team
Join a team that is highly experienced and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of adults, seniors and children.

I love working with my patients, helping them. It’s gives me the right balance between independence and compassion.

Don’t get me wrong! This is hard work, sometimes frustrating work but it always humbles me. It makes me feel like a part of something amazing!

Sometimes it feels like this world is just going too fast. There’s no kindness but when I go to work, when I see my patients the world seems to settle just right. I love what I do.

Find Your Place
Our employees are our greatest asset, so we are committed to hiring only the best. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to pursue your passion at your own level, on your own schedule, and with the recognition and benefits you need. Please complete our form and we will forward our employment package to you.